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TWI Certification
Certification Scheme for Personnel
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Plastics Welders

Plastics Welders 

Plastics certificates are valid for 4 years, however, it is a requirement that they are renewed annually.

1st Renewal: the CSWIP office will send a renewal reminder by e-mail to the designated contact at the sponsoring company.  Confirmation will be sought that that the candidate is still employed by the company, has been engaged with reasonable continuity in welding activities over the last twelve months and has not had a period of interruption in their employment lasting longer than six months.

2nd Renewal: this is the 2 year prolongation stage. An application form for renewal will be sent out with the renewal reminder e-mail. The form must be completed by the employer of the certificate holder and returned to TWI Certification Ltd with the inspection evidence required. The evidence is assessed by TWI against the requirements for prolongation and a fee is charged for this service. The evidence required is proof of welding quality (copies of independent third party testing, or a signed letter from a customer advising that the work carried out by the certificate holder in the 12 months prior to the 2 year certificate expiry date, in the category/catagories covered by the certificate, was of acceptable quality).

3rd Renewal: this is the same as the first renewal.

4th Renewal: at the 4 year renewal point candidates will be required to sit the initial examination again. CSWIP will issue a reminder e-mail to the sponsoring company. To arrange the examination employers will be required to contact the Plastics Examiner