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TWI Certification
Certification Scheme for Personnel
Compliance through Competence
BGAS-CSWIP Certification Scheme


The BGAS-CSWIP certification scheme is primarily aimed at pipeline personnel, but the scope of the subjects matter is universal. There are categories within the scheme that reflect established CSWIP subjects like welding and NDT inspection, it also includes Painting, Coating and Agricultural / Environmental matters. This suite of certification provides a realistic stepping stone for those seeking a career change and represents a real opportunity for established inspectors to extend the scope of their certifications into new areas.

01 - BGAS Requirements Document 2nd Edition April 2019

01 - BGAS Requirements Document 2nd Edition April 2019
Summary: Requirements for the Certification of Personnel in accordance with the BGAS-CSWIP Scheme (DOCUMENT No. BGAS-CSWIP-BG-22-12)
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File Type: application/pdf
Created: 27 October 2015
Last Modified: 02 April 2019