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Welding and Brazing Examiner

Welding and Brazing Examiner


The integrity and performance of welded and brazed joints are critically dependent on the skill and knowledge of the individual welder or brazer.  These schemes assure the demonstrated competence of welders and brazers to make joints according to industry-recognised standards and specifications.

Documents available for download

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application/pdf01 - Welding Examiner (120KB)DownloadAdd
 Requirements for the Certification of Welding Examiners for the Approval of Welder Qualifications in accordance with the Relevant Standard (DOCUMENT No. CSWIP-WEX-23-13)
application/pdf02 - Brazing Examiner (118KB)DownloadAdd
 Requirements for the Certification of Brazing Examiners (Document No. CSWIP-BE-21-12)
application/pdf03 - ATA Vehicle Welding Repair (118KB)DownloadAdd
 Requirements for the Certification of Welding Examiners for Vehicle Repair in the Automotive Sector. (Document No. CSWIP-ATA-22-12)
application/pdf24 - Examination Code of Conduct (53KB)DownloadAdd
application/pdf25 - Use and Misuse of Certificates (82KB)DownloadAdd