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TWI Certification
Certification Scheme for Personnel
Compliance through Competence
Composite Strengthening and Repair
FRP Plate Strengthening

Composite Strengthening and Repair


These schemes specify the examination and certification of personnel who are required to apply and inspect composite patches to concrete and metallic marine structures comprising of: initial work, surface preparation, mixing and application of adhesive, application and inspection during and after installation.

Photo courtesy of Concrete Repairs Ltd

Documents available for download

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application/pdf01 - FRP Plate Strengthening (334KB)DownloadAdd
 Requirements for the Certification of Installers and Supervisors of FRP Plate Strengthening of Concrete Structures - (Document No. CSWIP-FRP-06 2nd Edition May 2010)
application/pdf02 - Composite Patch Repair (365KB)DownloadAdd
 CSWIP-CPRMC-23-12, Requirements for the Certification of Installers and Supervisors of Composite Patch Repair for Marine and Civil Structures (CPRMCS)
application/pdf24 - Examination Code of Conduct (53KB)DownloadAdd
application/pdf25 - Use and Misuse of Certificates (82KB)DownloadAdd