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National Welder Training Standard
National Welder Training Scheme

National Welder Training Standard

There is a wide variety of organisations that carry out welder training - FE colleges, private training organisations and employers; there are several awarding bodies for welding qualifications and there is an array of different standards on which training is based.

The National Welder Training Standard (NWTS) has been established to bring about more uniformity in welder training in the UK.

The main objectives of NWTS are to:
• provide a visible, recognised benchmark for welder training and competence on which industry
   can rely
• eliminate the current wide variety of ad hoc training
• ensure that welders’ job knowledge and competence is at an appropriate level
• provide a mechanism for award of (European/International Welder Diplomas in the UK

The NWTS is currently implemented through and agreement between TWI and a major recognised awarding organisation, EAL.

05 - Code of Practice 3

05 - Code of Practice 3
Summary: Code of Practice 3: Training of Master Welders (Theory and Practical) (Document No. NWTS-CP3-1-09)
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Created: 12 December 2012
Last Modified: 05 October 2016