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Plastics Welder

Plastics Welder

TWI offers certification aligned to the British and European standard for approved testing of plastics welders (BS EN 13067) and also entry level certification, via CSWIP. This is a practical welding qualification available in a large number of categories based on welding process, material and joint geometry.

Documents available for download

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application/pdf01 - Plastic Welders (324KB)DownloadAdd
 Requirements for the Certification of Plastics Welders - (Document No CSWIP-PW-6-96 7th Edition February 2017).
application/pdf02 - Plastic Welding Inspector (226KB)DownloadAdd
 Requirements for the Certification of Visual Plastics Welding Inspectors, Plastics Welding Inspectors and Senior Plastics Welding Inspectors (Document No. CSWIP-PWI-24-16, 1st Edition, May 2019)
application/pdf24 - Examination Code of Conduct (53KB)DownloadAdd
application/pdf25 - Use and Misuse of Certificates (82KB)DownloadAdd