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TWI Certification
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Welding Inspection
Welding Inspection

Welding Inspection

Three levels of certification are available -
CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector, Welding Inspector and Senior Welding Inspector. Senior Welding Inspectors often supervise teams of welding inspectors to deliver compliance of welded products and structures.

CSWIP Welding Inspector certification is the scheme mostly widely used by industry.

02 - Registration Scheme for AWeldI

02 - Registration Scheme for AWeldI
Summary: Registration Scheme for Underwater Inspector (Diver) Grade 3.1U, Underwater Inspector (Diver) Grade 3.2U, Visual Welding Inspectors, Welding Inspectors, Welding Instructors and Welding Technical Representatives. (Document No. CSWIP-WI-1-91, Part 1)
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Created: 19 November 2012
Last Modified: 12 December 2018