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BGAS-CSWIP certificates are applicable in a number of industrial sectors, and of particular relevance to transmission pipeline personnel. BGAS-CSWIP certification also acts as a progression pathway for those seeking a career change and for established inspectors who require extension to the scope of their certification for new job roles.

Addressing the competence requirements of the whole range of pipeline integrity job roles, from Agricultural/Environmental Inspector, through Welding Inspector and NDT Inspectors, to Painting, Coating and Pipeline Inspectors, the BGAS-CSWIP certificates ensure that employees have the appropriate level of knowledge and skills for their allocated tasks.

Certification of Personnel in accordance with the BGAS-CSWIP Scheme

BGAS-CSWIP-BG-22-12, 2nd Edition, April 2019


All CSWIP applicants and certificate holders are required to comply with the CSWIP rules.


Renewal and Recertification

Details of how to renew and/or recertify your BGAS-CSWIP certificate can be found on our dedicated renewal page.


Approved Training Bodies

If you would like to find a training provider offering these courses in your area, please view our list of Approved Training Providers and contact them for further details.

List of Approved Training Providers

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