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Blasting and Painting

Advances and innovations in the preparation of surfaces and the subsequent application of paint, demands personnel with the competence to choose correct consumables, abide by new regulations and procedures, as well as execute the method correctly.

Industry demands that personnel are not only competent but that their competence is confirmed by a globally recognised certification body.

To address this skill shortage, CSWIP has developed the CSWIP Blasting and Painting Operator, CSWIP Blasting and Painting Senior Operator and the CSWIP Blasting and Painting Supervisor certifications.

Certification of Blasting and Painting Operators, Blasting and Painting Senior Operators, and Blasting and Painting Supervisors

CSWIP-BP-25-16, 1st Edition, February 2020


Please note that all CSWIP applicants and certificate holders are required to comply with the CSWIP rules. Details of the requirements can be found on our CSWIP Rules and Requirements page. 


Renewal and recertification

Details of how to renew and/or recertify your CSWIP certificate can be found on our dedicated renewal page.


Approved Training Bodies

If you would like to find a training provider offering this course in your area, please see our list of Approved Training Provider’s and contact them for further details. 


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