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Review of Welding Procedures

The CSWIP Certification of Personnel Responsible for Review of Welding Procedures and their Associated Documentation, assures that certificate holders are capable of reviewing a Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR), Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and welder qualifications to the following standards: ASME IX or ISO 15614-1.

A worthwhile addition to a welder’s or welding inspector’s competence portfolio, this certification provides evidence of your understanding and application of the requirements of these standards and will promote employer or client confidence in your ability to undertake these welding coordination tasks.

Certification of Personnel Responsible For Review of Welding Procedures and their Associated Documentation (Document No. CSWIP-WP-19-08)

CSWIP-WP-19-08, 2nd Edition, February 2017


All CSWIP applicants and certificate holders are required to comply with the CSWIP rules.



Details of how to recertify your CSWIP Review of Welding Procedures certificate can be found on our dedicated recertification page.


Approved Training Bodies

If you would like to find a training provider offering this course in your area, please view our list of Approved Training Providers and contact them for further details.

List of Approved Training Providers