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Welding Inspection

The CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector, Welding Inspector and Senior Welding Inspector are some of the most widely used welding inspection certifications in the welding industry. CSWIP is considered by many (both individuals and employers alike), as the most reliable welding inspection competence assurance available due to the integrity and reliability of CSWIP certification.

By providing three levels of certification this suite of welding inspection certification enables those who have experience in welding engineering to expand their knowledge and career prospects; while assuring employers of the competence of their inspectors, and the quality of the welds.

Certification of Visual Welding Inspectors, Welding Inspectors and Senior Welding Inspectors in accordance with the requirements of BS EN ISO 17637

CSWIP-WI-6-92, 16th Edition, July 2021    

Bridging Examinations


All CSWIP applicants and certificate holders are required to comply with the CSWIP rules.



Registration is an exclusive opportunity for CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector certificate holders to gain professional recognition as a Technician (TechWeldI) member of The Welding Institute. 


CSWIP Visual Welding Inspectors and CSWIP Welding Inspectors certificate holders can also benefit from professional recognition as an Associate (AWeldI) member of The Welding Institute.


Renewal and Recertification

Details of how to renew and/or recertify your CSWIP Welding Inspection certificate can be found on our dedicated renewal page.


Approved Training Bodies

If you would like to find a training provider offering these courses in your area, please view our list of Approved Training Providers and contact them for further details.

List of Approved Training Providers

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