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Certification for Plastic Welding Inspection Now Available

Wed, 30 October, 2019

It is reported that world demand for plastic pipe is projected to rise 6.7 percent per annum through 2019 to 19.3 billion metres[1].

A clear growth market, plastic pipes are used for a variety of applications, from chemical plants to lining metal pipes in the oil and gas industry and transporting water for the utilities sector. Leaks in these pipes can prove costly, with the UK reporting over 3 billion litres of water being lost each day (according to statistics from the Consumer Council for Water).

Since the vast majority of leaks occur at the joint, ensuring the integrity of welds in plastic pipes is essential to address these problems and, with plastic pipe weld inspection set to enter specifications for new installations and routine maintenance, there will be a growing demand for professional, qualified inspectors.

Newcomers to this growing and important field can gain certification as a CSWIP Visual Plastics Welding Inspector. For those who may have already embarked on a career within the plastics industry, certification, as a CSWIP Plastics Welding Inspector, provides assurance of their knowledge and skills. 

Certification demonstrates your understanding of plastic pipeline inspection, while also providing industry approved and recognised competence in this emerging field. There is also a unique opportunity, for those already certified as a CSWIP Welding Inspector, to transition into the plastics industry via a specially designed bridging course.

Further details of the benefits of certification as a CSWIP Visual Plastics Welding Inspector or a CSWIP Plastics Welding Inspector can be found on the website.

[1] According to a Freedonia industry study (