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TWI Certification delivers UK's first EPA for Welders

Wed, 11 September, 2019

TWI Certification Ltd has taken the UK’s first steps in End Point Assessment for Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician and Welder Level 2 apprentices.

In March 2019 TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) became the first UK company to conduct an End Point Assessment (EPA) approval in General Welding Level 2.

This success was quickly followed in April with the first assessment in the UK of the Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician (NWIT) apprenticeship.

TWI CL is an approved End Point Assessment organisation for apprentices who have undertaken Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician, General Welding Level 2, Multi-Positional Welder Level 3, and Non-Destructive Testing Operator and Technician apprenticeships.

An End Point Assessment is the final assessment of an apprentice to ensure that they have the required skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary for their occupation and includes performance-led development goals.  EPA is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during the on-programme stage of their apprenticeship.   

As an authorised End Point Assessment organisation, TWI CL is committed to providing the best service to ensure that apprentices achieve the high standards required by employers.  Upon signing a service level agreement with TWI CL, practice questions and advice can be obtained from our dedicated industry experienced assessors. 

Further information on TWI CL's EPA services can be found on the dedicated website or you can contact them on