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Branching Out!

Mon, 07 December, 2020

The CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP schemes are provided by TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Welding Institute. Formed in 1993, TWI CL aims to exemplify the independence and impartiality required to deliver certification in accordance with international standards.

TWI CL meets the certification needs of industry for personnel through its CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP schemes, the Personnel Certification Scheme aimed for holders of the IIW/EWF Welding Diploma and by certifying welders via welding procedure qualifications (WPQRs).  In conjunction with this, through its Company Certification section, it provides certification to manufacturers in accordance with a standard, thus enabling them to show compliance with European and International product standards. TWI CL is also an End Point Assessment Organisation (EPAO) for the Apprenticeship Standards and is currently approved to provide End Point Assessment for seven different standards.

In light of the broad nature of the work conducted by TWI CL, we thought it was prudent that we launched a dedicated LinkedIn page, so that our customers – be they individual or company – can keep up to date with the latest goings on at TWI CL.

Our new TWI CL LinkedIn page can be found here:

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