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CSWIP Insight: Our Newest Recruit

Wed, 02 December, 2020

After spending some time travelling South East Asia, Zack Thurgood returned to the UK and jumped at the chance to become TWI Certification Ltd’s (TWI CL) Junior Certification Officer. The company’s reputation preceded it and made Zack’s decision to apply an easy one, so much so that he applied as soon as he saw the vacancy. That reputation was well deserved, as Zack tells us that his most memorable moment at TWI CL was his “first day and how welcoming everyone was, right from the start.”

Working at TWI CL is no easy task, with Zack responsible for reviewing all incoming applications, confirming their receipt with candidates as well as updating the TWI CL system with each candidate’s latest information. However, for Zack the hard work is worth it, as he gets the chance to work independently while being part of a bigger team, plus being busy is a benefit for him as he “like[s] how busy we are as there is always work that can be done”. This can prove challenging to Zack as he aims to complete his tasks quickly, while ensuring accuracy; thankfully Zack knows that any challenge he faces he does not do so alone, as he deals with them by “asking for help from his colleagues.”

As a primary point of contact for all certificate holders, Zack recommends that they get their applications “sent early” as they can apply up to six months before their certificate is due for renewal and this will prevent them having to pay a late fee. For those wondering if they should seek a CSWIP or BGAS-CSWIP certification Zack says “they should do it,” and that certification is important as it “ensures safety for the public” as only certified competent people can do certain jobs.

Unfortunately for Zack, a big part of his first year with TWI CL was taken over by COVID-19 but, as always, Zack knew he and his team would get through it. Zack recounts how working with COVID posed a number of challenges to the team and meant that they had to adapt the way they worked, “however, due to the great team that we have got here we have been able to push forward and overcome the obstacles that have been put in our way.”

In his spare time Zack is football mad – playing, watching and managing! Zack is a player/manager for his local team and, when he isn’t on the pitch or in the dugout, he’s watching his favourite team – Arsenal – on the screen.

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