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CSWIP: Providing Promising Careers

Wed, 22 April, 2020

As a quality manager for Petroleum Marine Services (PMS) in Egypt, Badr El-Sayed, is responsible for quality activities related to welding processes, procedures and production, as well as research and development within welding sciences. In 2009, despite already holding a host of academic qualifications (including a number of welding and engineering degrees), Badr sought to gain a CSWIP Welding Inspector certification. For Badr, the “CSWIP certificate is widely recognised, both nationally and internationally, and successful companies have come to rely on this certification to ensure the highest level of quality for its employees and products… so, I insisted on attending… [and becoming] a CSWIP certificate holder.”

Badr studied hard and learnt a lot from sitting the CSWIP Welding Inspector approved course and exam, stating that its content was professional and included both practical and theoretical aspects. For Badr, gaining his CSWIP certificate was a very beneficial experience, as it not only gave him a promising future and a myriad of professional opportunities, but he directly attributes his subsequent promotions, and his most recent appointment to Manager, to his CSWIP certificate.

By gaining a CSWIP certification, Badr was able to use his newfound skills and knowledge to his employer’s advantage. He was able to implement and direct welding-related activities in a manner that satisfied his company’s clients, thus increasing the client’s confidence in the company. On top of this, his new learning also contributed to his company’s increase in profit, as he was able to ensure welding activities were conducted to a high quality, thus reducing the cost of repair.

Badr advises anyone seeking a CSWIP certification to have persistence and determination and learn as much as possible while gaining their certificate, as it will increase their understanding and awareness of how to solve problems that confront them in their working role. He also strongly recommends that anyone with enquiries contacts the CSWIP Team, as they will provide the answers and advice you need “as soon as possible and with great welcome.”

Going forward, Badr is keen to maintain a stable career, continue to gain respect as a professional from his peers and make sure he renews his CSWIP certificate on time! His ultimate aim? To continue developing his professional competence and experience, so that one day he can join TWI!

If you would like to gain a CSWIP Welding Inspector, like Badr, or just to find out more information, please see our dedicated Welding Inspection webpage.