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Inside CSWIP: War on Fraud

Mon, 27 January, 2020

TWI Certification Ltd is dedicated to ensuring the credibility, reliability and integrity of its certificates and the competence of those who hold them. For over 50 years, CSWIP has been a dependable source of assurance for the role-specific knowledge and skills required by industry personnel.

However, being such a well-respected and sought after certification has its own difficulties.  

Since the launch of its new website, LinkedIn page and biannual newsletter in 2019, the number of individuals using the CSWIP verification page has increased. With this increase in checks, comes an increase in fraudulent certificates being brought to CSWIP’s attention.

In a bid to protect the CSWIP brand, and the certificates gained legitimately, CSWIP has decided to take a harder stance on those who seek to circumnavigate our rigorous certification process.

Certification schemes such as NDT, Welding Inspection and BGAS-CSWIP are managed by the CSWIP Welding Specialist and Practitioners Management Committee (WSPMC), which consists of industry stakeholders from companies such as Rolls-Royce, Essar Oil and Gas and National Grid Gas plc.

As of December 2019, the WSPMC has decided that anyone found to be falsifying a certificate will be immediately banned for life from attending a CSWIP examination. Those who falsify a certificate, while currently holding a valid CSWIP certificate, will also have their valid certificate(s) withdrawn.

At the last WSPMC meeting of 2019, seven individuals were banned for life from CSWIP certification for providing counterfeit certificates. In a further step, CSWIP is now investigating the possibility of publishing the names of those individuals on our website, to aid in limiting their ability to defraud others in the future.

CSWIP urges everyone to use the verification service available to ascertain the legitimacy of a CSWIP certificate and, if they have any concerns, to contact CSWIP directly on