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Meeting the Certification Needs of Industry

Wed, 01 April, 2020

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Welding Institute, was formed in 1993 to exemplify the independence and impartiality required to deliver certification in accordance with international standards.

TWI CL develops and implements certification schemes, approves training courses and authorises assessments to satisfy industry needs. These activities are performed under the stakeholder governance of the Certification Management Board, which is made up of representatives from industry, such as BP Exploration and Production, National Grid Gas plc, Network Rail, Lloyd’s Register, Rolls-Royce and Shell.

TWI CL meets the needs of industry by providing certification in three distinct areas:

On top of this TWI CL is also the Authorised Nominated Body for EWF and IIW qualifications in welding coordination, leading to International and European Welding Specialist/Technologist and Engineer qualification. Those who successfully gain their diploma may also be able to apply to TWI CL to have their diploma certified under the Personnel Certification Scheme.