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Changes to the CSWIP Plastics Welding Certification Scheme

Wed, 24 February, 2021

The CSWIP Plastic Welders and CSWIP Plastic Welding Inspection Certification Schemes are governed by a Stakeholder Management Committee, the CSWIP Plastics Welding Management Committee (CPWMC), consisting of volunteers from industry and regulatory bodies. Its primary task is the review, update and general management of the plastic schemes and certificate holders. Part of this task is ensuring that the scheme is updated in light of any changes to the relevant standards.

In 2020, BS EN 13067:2012 was withdrawn and superseded by BS EN 13067:2020 and the CSWIP Plastics Welder Certification Scheme has been updated to reflect these changes. This ensures that CSWIP’s Plastic Welder certification remains current and continues to meet the requirements of industry. 

For those individuals who were certified under the previous standard and old scheme document, your certification remains valid until the point you come to renew or recertify. At that point, once you have successfully renewed or recertified, your new certificate will be issued under the new scheme document and latest standard.

The new scheme document and a list of the main changes can be found on the plastics page, here.

If you have any queries regarding your certification, please contact us.

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