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Connecting with CSWIP

Mon, 15 November, 2021

With the world becoming even more connected and fast paced, it is important that we ensure that our certificate holders are able to connect with, and hear the latest news from, us with ease. 

As such, TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL), the provider of the CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP certification schemes, has a number of tools it uses to ensure that our customers are the first to hear about anything new about CSWIP through their medium of choice. 

They are:

Websites: Both CSWIP and TWI CL have dedicated websites with regular press releases and are the first place to check for new information and recent additions. 

Newsletters: A periodic newsletter that highlights the latest goings on in TWI CL, from individual to company certification, as well as a dedicated CSWIP newsletter for a more in depth look at the latest news from CSWIP. Sign up for our future newsletters on our subscribe page.

Podcasts: Focusing on a specific theme each time, TWI CL podcasts are designed to provide detailed insights into an aspect of TWI CL, be it a specific product or process.

In conjunction with these TWI CL also has a number of social media pages that all our press releases and newsletters are announced on so make sure you like, follow or connect with us so that you don't miss out!



TWI CL LinkedIn

CSWIP LinkedIn1

Coming Soon

Videos: Like our podcasts these 5 minute (or less!) videos are designed to provide insight and information on TWI CL and its products - make sure to check back soon for our first release!


1Please note that CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP updates can be found on the TWI CL Facebook and TWI CL Twitter pages, it is only on LinkedIn that it has a dedicated page!

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