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CSWIP: A must have from start to finish.

Fri, 21 May, 2021

With a career spanning over 40 years, and almost as many locations, Michael (Pat) O’Mahony has provided us a unique opportunity to see how one CSWIP certification can facilitate a career that lasts a lifetime. Pat gained he first CSWIP certificate in 1983 – a CSWIP 3.1D in Diving Inspection. With the changes in the industry requirements, the 3.1D became the CSWIP 3.2U which Pat achieved in 1986. Then, in 1991, Pat gained the CSWIP 3.4U Underwater Inspection Controller certification, and has continued to hold it, without any break in certification, to this day – 30 years later.

Currently land-bound due the COVID-19 pandemic, Pat has been operating from home as an Inspection Controller and Project Engineer for a variety of clients, but he didn’t start out that way. Beginning his professional career in 1966 with a five-year apprenticeship in Mechanical Marine Engineering, upon its completion Pat spent the next three years working/sailing on deep seagoing Oil Tankers, as well as the Drilling Ship Glomar North Sea off the coast of Ireland, before taking a break for dry land.  Back on dry land, Pat worked for a number of years on various mechanical orientated construction sites in his home country the Republic of Ireland.  However, for Pat, the “call back to the sea was too great” and, following a change in career direction in 1982 he looked to become a Professional Diver, thus the beginning of his partnership with CSWIP.

Pat has worked in underwater inspection for a myriad of companies, in a variety of places, but the one thing that was always constant was his CSWIP certification. When asked, why he chose CSWIP all of those years ago, Pat explained that, “it was an essential requirement…to be allowed to work as an inspection diver for any of the major oil and gas-related companies worldwide.” Furthermore, while Pat was starting with his career change, he discovered that having certain CSWIP certifications, “made you a more qualified and employable diver.” Despite being a diver, Pat isn’t the type to dive straight off the deep end, as he first reviewed the certification requirements and discussed the situation with various experienced persons within the offshore industry before deciding on gaining his CSWIP certificate.

By achieving and keeping his CSWIP certificate, Pat was able to work and “gain a number of high-profile positions in the offshore oil and gas industry” throughout his career. For employers in subsea inspection operations, having personnel with CSWIP certifications places them in a “very high and much sought-after position.” Not only is CSWIP certification often a prerequisite of all major offshore oil and gas operators, but it also provides assurance that the holder of the certificate is competent to conduct the work required in those specific environments, while also maintaining compliance with health and safety regulations as well as any industrial standards.

Not wanting to lose his uninterrupted streak of certification, and to ensure his continued compliance and cover despite the pandemic, Pat took advantage of CSWIP’s COVID-19 policy and applied for an extension to his certificate’s validity. When asked about the process he had nothing but positive words for it and the support he received from the CSWIP team along the way, telling us that he was “very happy, and [he had] excellent assistance” throughout. At this point, Pat has experienced almost every aspect of the CSWIP certification process, from initial certification and recertification to extension requests due to a pandemic, so we asked him what advice he might have for someone interested in gaining a CSWIP certification. Despite his long career and experience, the advice Pat has is short and to the point; “it is a must” and “just go for it” as CSWIP certification “will put the holder in a league of highly professional and sought-after personnel.”

But, most importantly, what is next for a person who seems to have seen and done it all?

Pat revealed, as he moves to reach the fantastic age of 70 in December 2021, he would then decide his next career move.

We are sure that whatever Pat decides to do, he will do so with the same dedication and passion he has shown in his career so far, and we wish him the very best.

If you are interested in gaining a CSWIP Underwater Inspection certification like Pat, please see our Topside and Underwater Certification page for further information.