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CSWIP Focus: NDT Employer Specific

Mon, 04 January, 2021

CSWIP Focus: NDT Employer Specific

CSWIP provides a comprehensive range of certification in a variety of NDT methods. Despite this, there are instances where an employer requires certification that is specific to their company, sector or product, that is not suited to the generic ISO 9712 certifications . As a result, TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) has produced an NDT certification scheme that enables individuals to be certified to a chosen NDT method as applied to specific products.

The CSWIP Employer Specific Certification Scheme for Personnel in NDT is in compliance with BS EN ISO 9712 and accredited to BS EN ISO/IEC 17024, the international standard for personnel certification, by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS). Certification issued under the Employer Specific scheme will bear the name and address of the employer and an outline of the specific procedure against which the assessment was conducted. The competence assessment and assurance provided by this scheme are designed to satisfy the guidance expressed in RG 0, ‘Guidelines on the Competence of Personnel Undertaking Engineering Inspections.’ Product sectors and industrial sectors are named, where applicable, in the CSWIP inspector certification titles, roles and responsibilities.

The route to Employer Specific Certification is straightforward. Interested parties should contact TWI Examinations with details of the method, process/products and the number of individuals requiring certification. As per ISO 9712, evidence of previous training, work experience and eyesight tests are required of the individuals seeking certification. Once these details, as well as any other requirements, are confirmed, and in accordance with the standard, TWI will work with you to create your employer specific ‘scheme document.’ Every company will have an employer specific ‘scheme document’ outlining the examination format and syllabus of the certification, as well as detailing the method used, and the company procedures it was issued in compliance with. Once issued, the examination can be arranged and, upon successful completion of the examination, TWI CL will issue the certifications.  

More information about the Employer Specific Certification Scheme can be found in our scheme document here.

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