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Enyi Paul Onyekwelu: Proving his Value with Certification

Wed, 10 February, 2021

As a holder of multiple CSWIP NDT inspection certificates, Enyi Paul Onyekwelu is well placed to comment on the impact that his NDT certifications have had on his career. Beginning as a maintenance foreman at Cogemat Nigeria, he has gone on to work as an NDT inspector for Saipem, Arco Group and, finally, in his current employment, with Standard Testing and Inspection Services Limited as an NDT, asset integrity and rope access inspector.

Enyi gained his first NDT certification in Ultrasonic Inspection (UT) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), before moving on to a more advanced method - Automated Ultrasonic Data Interpreter (AUDI). Despite a diploma in mechanical engineering, it is his CSWIP certificates that fill his clients with confidence. According to Enyi, they are the greatest benefit to his employer as, once the clients see his certificates, they have no need to question his competence.

On a personal note, Enyi tells us that his certificates have really helped his career grow and he feels like they are still helping him – especially with the difficulties experienced with COVID-19 in 2020. When it comes to certification for Enyi, there is only one place to go; TWI Certification Ltd. He always tells people - and is still telling people - that TWI CL is the “best institute to go [to] for certifications.” This is not only because of how well received his certificates are by his clients, but also because of how “outstanding” his experiences while gaining his certifications were.

But, what’s next for a certificate holder with so many certificates already?

Why, more certifications of course!

Enyi plans to expand his career in inspection even further and is looking to achieve certification in Plant Inspection, while also being interested in Underwater Inspection. He hasn’t forgotten where he began though, and NDT inspection is still on his list, with his eye on gaining CSWIP certificates in Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection (PAUT) and Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD).

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