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PED and PESR: What, Why and How

Fri, 22 October, 2021

As part of the CSWIP suite of certifications, TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL), is able to provide welder, brazer, welding operator, welding procedure and NDT operator certifications in compliance with a number of national and international standards and regulations. One of these national regulations is the UK Pressure Equipment (Safety) Regulation 2016, for which TWI CL is a Recognised Third Party Organisation (RTPO). Pressure equipment or assemblies, that have been manufactured by individuals with the relevant CSWIP certification have permission to place their products on the UK market. 

Prior to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, TWI CL was an RTPO for the EU Pressure Equipment Directive (2014/68/EU) (PED), which enabled TWI CL to offer CSWIP certification in compliance with the EU PED. As such, those who gained CSWIP certification post 01 January 2021, are not in compliance with the EU PED and any pressure equipment or assemblies are not eligible to be placed on the EU market.  

This means that individuals who wish to comply with the EU PED, and meet EU requirements for placing pressure equipment or assemblies on the EU market, must gain the relevant certification from an EU RTPO before they can proceed. EU individuals had until 31 December 2021, to gain compliance with the UK PESR (i.e. appropriate certification from a UK RTPO, such as TWI CL) after which their EU RTPO PED compliant certification would not be accepted for the UK market. However, on 24 August 2021, the UK Government announced that it would be extending this deadline until 01 January 2023, meaning that EU RTPO PED compliant certification would be accepted in the UK until this point. Please note, that there is no reciprocal agreement for UK RTPO PESR compliant certification for the EU market at present. 

As such, TWI CL is working with multiple EU RTPO’s to secure a mutual recognition agreement. As part of this agreement, individuals requiring certification in compliance with the EU PED, can gain their certification through TWI CL, with the partnership organisation. Those individuals requiring certification in compliance with the UK PESR can contact our partner EU RTPO for certification and compliance through them with TWI CL. Once these agreements are finalised, updated scheme documents and details of the partnerships will be placed on our dedicated RTPO webpage here.

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