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Update announced to ISO 9712:2012: Non-destructive testing

Wed, 17 November, 2021

ISO, the organisation responsible for international standards, has announced that the ISO 9712:2012 standard ‘Non-destructive testing — Qualification and certification of NDT personnel’ is to be updated, with the new standard expected to be released in December 2021.  ISO 9712:2012 specifies the requirements for the qualification and certification of personnel who perform industrial non-destructive testing.

TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) provides CSWIP Non-Destructive Testing certification, in accordance with ISO 9712:2012, through a wide range of  sectors, from welds and castings to wrought and tubular products.  All CSWIP schemes, both for conventional NDT, for example Ultrasonic Inspector, Magnetic Particle Inspector and Radiographic Interpreter, and advanced NDT, such as Automated Ultrasonic Girth Weld Inspection and Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, will be affected by the changes in due course.

In preparation for the new standard, TWI CL’s Personnel Certification team is setting up a working group which will facilitate the implementation of the updates across the CSWIP NDT schemes and examination procedures.  The transition period to the new standard is currently anticipated to be five years – this would mean that TWI CL has five years to incorporate the changes into its documentation and examination practises.

But what do the changes to ISO 9712:2012 mean practically for current CSWIP NDT scheme holders, as well as individuals who might be considering gaining a CSWIP NDT certification in the near future? And what do they need to do? 

The answer – nothing. 

NDT CSWIP certificates are required to be renewed at the five year point and recertified at the 10-year point. Any certificate holder who is due to renew or recertify after the introduction of the new standard, but before TWI CL incorporates the new standard into its certification schemes or examinations, will renew or recertify as per current practise. This is the same for any individual who may be gaining their CSWIP NDT certificate for the first time. 

Once the scheme and the examinations have been updated and launched officially, those at the 10-year recertification point will sit an examination, and if successful, be certified in compliance with the new scheme and standard. Those at the five year renewal point, will continue to be renewed in compliance with the “old” scheme and standard, as these were the documents that they were examined and certified in compliance with for their initial certificate. Once these individuals reach their 10-year recertification point, they will be subject to the requirements of the new scheme document and standard. 

Candidates seeking their first certificate after TWI CL has introduced the updated examinations and scheme document, will be examined and certified (if successful) in compliance with the new standard. 

Individuals’ current certificates, whether renewed, recertified or gained for the first time, will continue to be compliant with ISO 9712, and a valid demonstration of your role-specific competence, until the certificate's expiry date – even post launch of the new standard. 

Clare McGrath, Head of Personnel Certification for TWI CL said "As soon as the details of the new Standard become available, we will undertake a comprehensive review of the changes ahead and what it means for our CSWIP NDT certification schemes, examinations and certificate holders.” Adding “and as our plans progress, we will continue to keep our certificate holders fully informed and share updates with them on the transition to the new ISO 9712."

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