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CSWIP Insight: Demelza Page

Wed, 25 January, 2023

As a provider of personnel certification to over 50,000 CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP certificate holders, TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL), is always growing and expanding its team to continue to meet the requirements of our customers. One of the latest additions to our team is Demelza Page, who joined us in August 2022, and has taken the time to tell us a little bit about herself and her role at TWI CL.

As a trainee certification officer, Demelza is kept busy ensuring that all applications received are logged on the system, acknowledging their receipt with the candidate as well as ensuring that their details are up to date. Which can be difficult when dealing with the number of applications that Demelza reviews, but she faces these challenges with aplomb by double checking the details, and when unsure, relying on her team. It’s this team that makes Demelza’s day easy as, “everyone looks out for each other helping when needed.”

Demelza is keen to reassure candidates that their paperwork and details are treated with the upmost care, attention, and security. Each application is meticulously checked against records to ensure accuracy, and when not being processed or reviewed, locked in a cabinet in a secured office with access granted to TWI CL staff only. Each certificate holder is important, and the certificate they have achieved an important aspect of industry as, to Demelza, it ensures that people are competent and “know how to safely carry out [their] job.”

When it comes to answering questions from certificate holders, Demelza has heard a lot of them in her short time with TWI CL, but the most popular one is always “how long will it be until their certificates are ready and posted?” to which Demelza reminds them that applications are processed in a date received order, and turnaround times are currently several weeks long. It is therefore important that you get your application in as early as possible – you can apply to renew or recertify your certificate up to six months before its expiry – which will ensure you have plenty of time before it expires to be processed! For those submitting applications, Demelza advises them to double check their applications and make sure all the paperwork is correctly filled in and supporting evidence provided. This makes sure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, and not subjected to an additional administration fee, as this will only delay it further while TWI CL waits to receive the missing information.

But Demelza isn’t all work and no play, in her spare time she is a fierce animal lover, looking after her menagerie of cats, ducks, rabbits, fish (goldfish and tropical) as well as a macaw called Pip! When she isn’t running around after them, Demelza is making up the miles in marathons, having recently completed the Brighton marathon which, she tells us, was “hard work but so much fun.”

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