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Getting Ready for your Renewal or Registration

Mon, 06 February, 2023

All certificates issued by TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) (CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP) can be renewed or recertified on a periodic basis. Full details of the renewal and recertification process for each certification scheme can be found on the website. For those who are going through this process for the first time it may seem like a daunting task, while it may appear overly arduous for those who have been through it before, but with our handy guidance below you should pass through your renewal or recertification process with ease.

Firstly contact TWI CL to request your application form – this can be done via the website. Along with your latest contact details, the application form will ask you for the information outlined below. However, did you know that all of the information requested in the application form (except for your personal and payment details) can be pre-recorded in your CSWIP logbook, details of which can be found on our website.

Using the CSWIP logbook removes the need to fill in any pages of the application form, other than the first page (your personal and payment details), making the renewal and recertification process something that you can work on throughout the years, rather than all in one go. Also, you can apply to renew or recertify your certificate up to six months before your certificates expiry date without penalty, meaning your new expiry date will be five years from your current (old) certificates expiry date!

Below you will find a list of items that your application form or logbook asks you to provide and further guidance as to what this means and how to meet the requirements. 

Work experience (log sheets) - completed and verified

Most schemes require you to submit evidence of continuous employment in an area related to your certification, usually four out of five years. This evidence must be verified – reviewed, signed and dated by an employer or client – to confirm that it is an accurate representation of your work experience. Please note, the person verifying your work experience cannot be someone you are related to, they must be an independent third party.

Continuous professional development (CPD) - records up to date

All of our certification schemes require candidates to keep up to date with technological advances in their area of certification, and they must be able to demonstrate this through records of the activities they have undertaken. More information about CPD, how to record it and what counts towards CPD can be found on our website.

Record of experience – Inspectors and Co-ordinators (only)

Main roles and responsibilities of your current position, with specific details about your inspection activities. The focus should be on the products (pressure vessels, pipelines), or projects (offshore, infrastructure) you have worked upon, the materials involved (steel, copper, aluminium), welding processes (MIG/MAG, TIG), Codes and Standards (ASME IX, ISO 15614, ISO 3834)

Eyesight test – conducted and signed by recognised individual

Several of our certification schemes, mostly notably our Inspector and NDT certification schemes, require candidates to submit an eyesight test record to show continued physical competency to carry out the role certified for. The person conducting the test must be recognised by TWI CL, such as optometrists, registered nurse or an individual with an ISO 9712 level 3 NDT certificate. The test must cover the areas identified in the relevant scheme document. List of certification schemes, and their documents can be found on the website.

Photograph – attached and meeting requirements

Every renewal application must be submitted with a passport sized photograph that had been taken within the last two years. The photo must meet the standard passport requirements – shoulders, face and head clearly visible and uncovered (unless for religious, medical or national dress purposes); clear background; high resolution.

CSWIP Certificate – original or copy accepted

Your application must include a copy of the certificate you wish to renew. This does not have to be the original version, a photocopy is fine.

Once you have all the information you are ready to submit your application. All applications must be submitted in hard copy and original copies of documents will be returned to you upon successful completion of your recertification or for renewals with your new certificate and ID card. It takes several weeks for an application to be processed from receipt through to completion and all certificate holders are strongly encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to avoid being without a valid certificate.

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