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Keeping your certification safe

Thu, 16 March, 2023

As a Certification Body protecting the validity and reputation of the certificates we issue is paramount. To do this we take several actions to prevent the falsifying of certificates, this includes:

  • Embossing our certificates with the CSWIP logo
  • Each certificate is signed by an approved CSWIP Certification Officer
  • Providing photo ID cards with certificates to help prove identity
  • Providing a free-to-use service where the veracity of each certificate can be checked and confirmed

The high regard in which our certificates are held means that unscrupulous individuals attempt to claim certified status through dishonest methods. It is important to TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) that these attempts are foiled and that those who are found to have undertaken such actions are held accountable.

As such, the Management Committees of TWI CL (read more about them here) have adopted a zero-tolerance policy to those found to be falsely claiming to hold a CSWIP or BGAS-CSWIP certificate. In these instances individuals are banned for life from sitting a CSWIP or BGAS-CSWIP examination and thus from ever holding a certificate.

But what can you do to help protect the CSWIP brand and by extension the certificates you have achieved honestly, through your hard work and dedication? You can:

  • Make sure you sign your certificate as soon as you receive it
  • Do not post copies of your certificate or ID card online (including your social media profiles, e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Do not share copies of your certificate with unauthorised individuals
  • Encourage everyone (clients, employers, and colleagues) to check the validity of certification claims on the CSWIP verification site.
  • Report any concerns about the validity of an individual’s certificate to us via

With these measures in place you can help us uphold the requirements in personal competence, expected by industry, of a CSWIP or BGAS-CSWIP certificate holder.

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