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Registration Scheme - Associate (AWeldI)

Applicable to CSWIP Visual Welding Inspector, CSWIP Welding Inspector, CSWIP Underwater Inspector (3.1U and 3.2U)

One of the benefits of gaining a CSWIP certification is the ability to take advantage of its exclusive relationship with The Welding Institute; the leading professional engineering institution for individuals working in welding, joining and its allied industries.

The CSWIP Registration Scheme is designed to aid certificate holders in meeting the requirements of their renewal while, at the same time, assisting them in their career development. TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) certificate holders who take advantage of registration are pre-approved for instant professional membership of The Welding Institute, which provides access to a range of benefits, including information services, networking events and a 5% discount on TWI Training courses.

The CSWIP Registration Scheme makes gaining Professional Membership quicker and easier and also cheaper as your membership of The Welding Institute is included in your CSWIP registration. Your initial registration fee includes your membership of The Welding Institute and your CSWIP registration for 3 years! In addition, your initial registration fee includes your log book* and stamp. It also allows for the use of a specific title such as “Registered Welding Inspector” with a certificate and registration card, a discount on certificate documentary renewal* and automatic CSWIP certificate renewal reminders for the associated certificate.

Other benefits of membership include, industrial recognition by your peers, a clear demonstration of your commitment to excellence, and most importantly, personal and professional prestige. Demonstrate this by using the post nominal AWeldI. You will also be able to access career planning tools for recording Continuing Professional Development (CPD) including the Engineering Council’s ‘mycareerpath®’ online CPD tool - which will assist with your future CSWIP renewals.

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Registration Scheme Document 

Any questions about Registration? – see our Frequently Asked Questions section.

More information on Professional Membership and its benefits can be found on The Welding Institute website.

*not applicable to CSWIP Underwater Inspectors