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The recertification process outlined here applies to the certificate type listed in the box below. Those certificate holders are required to sit an examination every 5 years to maintain their certification.

Please note: CSWIP Visual Inspectors for Upstream Oil and Gas should not renew via this process but the renewal process applicable to them

Underwater Inspector 3.1U; Underwater Inspector 3.2U; ROV Inspector 3.3U; Underwater Inspection Controller 3.4U

Five-year recertification

Certificate holders are required to provide:

  • Evidence of a recent eyesight test certificate to the standards detailed in the relevant scheme document
  • Documentary evidence of their work experience and diving record to their examination body at their exam

This record is reviewed by the examiner as part of the examination process. Candidates providing sufficient evidence will be exempted from part of the exam(s).

Upon successful completion of the exam(s), a notification will be sent to TWI Certification Ltd, who, upon receipt of this notification, will issue a certificate.

Please note certificates can take several weeks to be issued from receipt of the initial notification by the examination body.

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