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TWI CL Banned List

These are the details of individuals who have been subjected to bans from TWI Certification Ltd’s (TWI CL) Management Committees for breaches of our code of conduct, for example, by falsifying a certificate, breaking examination rules, or for professional misconduct. Where a breach includes the falsification of a certificate, the type of certificate and the certificate number used have been included. The extent of the ban is dependant on the extent of the breach, but it should be noted that as of 2020 the Management Committees of TWI CL have taken a zero tolerance policy on the falsification of certificates, and individuals who have been found guilty of this are permanently banned from sitting a CSWIP examination or holding a CSWIP certificate. 

Please note, in the cases of falsified certificates, it is possible that the details given below may have been taken from the valid certificate of another certificate holder. As such, certificates that have the same details (name and/or certificate number) may be valid, but have unfortunately been used by others in the creation of a false certificate.

The below is not an exhaustive list. There are many individuals who falsely claim to hold a CSWIP or BGAS-CSWIP certificate and are never brought to the attention of TWI CL. Any individual claiming to hold a CSWIP certificate should have the veracity of their claim checked using the (free to use) CSWIP verification service. If a certificate cannot be verified, an email should be sent to for further investigation and information.

It is possible to search the list by using the ctrl+f on your computer or search page function within your browser. 

NameCertificate TypeCertificate NumberBanned Until
Didi Quartadi  Underwater Inspection Controller (3.4U) 79707 11/12/2023
Mohd Nazrun Yusoff  PAUT Inspector 64720/2 18/01/2024
Buhanuddin  Welding Inspector 89575 18/01/2024
Ngoma Elvy Peyrolh Welding Inspector 89039 18/02/2024
Gaurav Kumar Nareshbhai Tailor Senior Welding Inspector 94735 12/03/2024
Keschavchandra Bhatt Underwater Inspector (3.4U) 321351 15/03/2024
Dhian Agusthy Rachmawan Welding Inspector 64669/2 Permanently
Norazani Bin Yacob Plant Inspector Grade 2 28492 28/03/2024
Najmudin BGAS Painting Inspector Grade 2 76302 15/05/2024
Mohd Shaffiq Bin Mat Nasir UT Inspector Level 2 321813 17/04/2024
Lawrell Anak Mandang Plant Inspector Grade 2 and 3 998 09/10/2024
Jamel Griria Senior Welding Inspector 51903/2 29/10/2024
Naga Rajaram Mantha Welding Inspector and Plant Inspector Grade 2 241362 18/11/2024
Sherin R S Plant Inspector Grade 2 61639 25/11/2024
Mohd Shamsul Bin Ibrahim Senior Welding Inspector 49697 25/11/2024
Muhammad Yusuf Plant Inspector Grade 2 92057 27/11/2024
Idil Dharma Putra Senior Welding Inspector 41273 11/12/2024
Hassan Chelly Visual Welding Inspector 97279 Permanently
Salhi Raouf Visual Welding Inspector 63663 Permanently
Ragheb Elhadhri Visual Welding Inspector 97280 Permanently
Adel Echehm Plant Inspector Grade 2 11976/5 Permanently
Vinoth U Welding Inspector 59235/2 Permanently
Nwokocoha Christian Nebu Welding Inspector 60729 Permanently
Ezdihar Izat AUT Inspector 78079 Permanently
Wira Syahfrian Puluh Visual Welding Inspector 56702 Permanently
Mohd Zakaria Bin Salleh Welding Inspector 49348 Permanently
Mohd Zakaria Bin Salleh Radiographic Interpreter 60320 Permanently
Paolo Saba Welding Inspector 89039 Permanently
Yusnal Kasirun Welding Inspector  983329 Permanently
Ker Kok Xing n/a n/a 05/01/2026
Yap Kim Loong n/a n/a Permanently
Daniel Diun BGAS Blast Cleaning/Preparation Operative Grade 5A 104444 Permanently
Lisa Testa Welding Inspector 89145 Permanently
Luciano David Pessela Welding Inspector 34654 Permanently
Stefano Guggi Welding Inspector 104404 Permanently
Ahmed Hasan Al Thamer Welding Inspector 760228 26/08/2026
Karrar Hayder Hussein Welding Inspector 760227 26/08/2026
Begamshaha Navani Mulani Senior Welding Inspector 101227 Permanently
Merlin Anak Kubu Visual Welding Inspector 56569/2 Permanently
MD Zahidul Hasan Welding Inspector 51475/3 Permanently
Adnan Bin Awi EWF/IIW Specialist Diploma IWI-B/GB/622508 Permanently
Zhanpeng Jia Automated Ultrasonic Data Interpreter 104640/2 23/06/2027
Zhanpeng Jia Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspector 3040670 23/06/2027
Balamurugan Vaithilingham Welding Inspector  295394 Permanently
Balamurugan Vaithilingham BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector 309692 Permanently
Amir Hamzah Bin Abdul Aziz BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector Grade 2 77339/2 Permanently
Tito Muncada BGAS-CSWIP Painting Inspector Grade 2 50119 Permanently
Mohd Arif Fazilah Bin Shuib Senior Welding Inspector 424253 Permanently
Mohamed Abd El Samie Aly Meawad n/a  n/a Permanently
Mohd Fahmi Zainal Aripin Underwater Inspection Controller 3.4U  70045 Permanently
Zouheir El Moutaouakel El Idrissi Underwater Inspector 3.2U 395422 Permanently
Dhir Singh Saude Underwater Inspector 3.1U 109298 Permanently
M Mahfuz Ahmad Bin Abdullah Welding Inspector  678002 Permanently

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