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CSWIP Welding Supervisor: Mature Candidate Route

Wed, 30 October, 2019

The supervision of welding is a key feature of welded product manufacture and welded fabrication and it is of upmost importance that those supervising welding operations have attained the level of competence necessary to supervise work correctly.

CSWIP Welding Supervisor certification provides individuals with an internationally recognised mark of competence and employers a means of satisfying the requirements of welding quality control standards, such as ISO 3834, EN 15085 and EN 1090, which require welding coordination personnel to have appropriate competence necessary to achieve the declared performance of the welded product.

However, many individuals do not become a welding supervisor through conventional routes but, rather, have grown into the role as their career progressed and as they continued to gain experience. In order to recognise their experiential learning, the CSWIP Welding Supervisor certification contains alternative entry requirements for those who have experience in supervision of welded production, but may not have entered the role through a standard process.

In fact, individuals who have one years’ experience supervising essential welding-related tasks, (as given in Appendix 1 of the CSWIP Welding Supervisor Scheme document), who also hold any of the below certifications, can immediately apply for the CSWIP Welding Supervisor examination without having to attend a CSWIP Welding Supervisor approved training course.

Applicable Certifications:

CSWIP Welding Inspector for a minimum of two years

CSWIP Welding Instructor for a minimum of two years

CSWIP Welding Examiner for a minimum of two years

Certified European/International Welding Specialist for a minimum of two years.

If you have the relevant experience and hold one of the above certifications (for the time specified), and would be interested in gaining the CSWIP Welding Supervisor certificate, contact us for details.