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CSWIP: An Industry Necessity

Tue, 19 May, 2020

It was at the beginning his career, while working as a Radiographer for Nigerdock Construction Yard, that Adukwu Christopher Monday, became aware of the immense number of prospects available to holders of a CSWIP Welding Inspector certificate.

Currently a Client Quality Engineer for 11 PLC (formerly Mobil Oil Nigeria), Adukwu explains that it was in 2007 (shortly after he entered the industry, having successfully completed his Bachelor degree in engineering), that he decided to pursue a CSWIP certification.  Having realised the benefits of holding a reputable welding inspection certification, Adukwu conducted some research to ascertain which certification he should seek. He quickly discovered that CSWIP was the most highly regarded certification within the industry, and so his decision was made.

Having decided what his next career steps were, Adukwu set about creating a plan, to ensure his success. Despite setbacks, such as a change in the course fee, Adukwu was not discouraged and continued to conduct research and learn everything he could about welding inspection before sitting the formal course and exam. This dedication paid off and, when he sat the exam, he passed first time. Was the time and effort worth it? Adukwu thinks so, “My understanding in fusion welding and technology increased tremendously. I knew so much I didn’t know before,” he said, and his interest has only increased since.

Adukwu attributes his ability to work on projects in Nigeria and a number of other West African countries directly to his CSWIP Welding Inspector certification, stating it “Would not have been possible without CSWIP.” Adukwu believes that staff with CSWIP certification provide a boost for employers when they are seeking government licenses and permits, and for contractors, when they are tendering technically for projects.

Going forward, Adukwu hopes to continue his professional development with the ultimate aim of adding a BGAS-CSWIP certification, as well as the CSWIP Senior Welding Inspector certification, to his professional portfolio.

For those contemplating gaining a CSWIP or BGAS-CSWIP certification, Adukwu has the same advice he gives to everyone, “In this industry, CSWIP certification is a necessary platform to get you started [on the right professional path]” and then, from there, “[You] can build on it as time goes on.”

If you would like to gain a CSWIP Welding Inspector certification, like Adukwu, or just to find out more information, please see our dedicated Welding Inspection webpage.