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Dos and Don’ts of Renewal and Recertification

Tue, 06 June, 2023

The CSWIP website provides lots of information about the renewal and recertification process. From detailed step-by-steps of the process for each certification scheme, to guidance on what must be submitted with each application, to specific information on what is continuous professional development (CPD) and how to maintain a CPD record.

These pages are important starting points for those seeking to renew or recertify their certification. However, even with this guidance, there are several pitfalls that many candidates experience which can impede the smooth processing of their renewal or recertification application. And we’ve addressed the biggest of these below.

Submitting your application

Renewal or recertification requests can be submitted up to six months prior to the expiry of your certificate. We strongly encourage all certificate holders to take advantage of this as applications are processed in a strict date received order, and can take several weeks to process.

For those recertifying, this process can be longer again, as you may also have to attend an examination, and have the results submitted to TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL), to be processed (these are also processed on a date received order!) Initial applications – those gaining a certification for the first time or regaining a lapsed certificate – would also follow this process.

If you need to have a valid certificate for your employment then please submit your application as early as possible to ensure adequate time for your application to be processed.

Please be aware that applications submitted later than 21 days after the date of expiry of the certificate are subject to late submission fees.

Updates and correspondence

TWI CL sends emails at key stages of the application process, in which you are advised of the status of your application. The first is when your application is received in the office, this email will also include details of how long we expect it to take to process your application.

Your application is then reviewed by a member of the team, should there be any missing information you will be contacted to request this. Until this information is received your application will be on hold and not processed until all information is received. Please note that applications submitted without all the necessary information may incur an additional administration fee.

Once your application has been processed, you will receive another email to confirm this and to say that it has been placed in the post. If you have requested your application to be sent via one of our tracking services, then this information will be sent in a separate follow up email.

Please check your junk/spam folder if you have not received confirmation of our receipt of your application. To prevent this occurring in the future, please add the domain to your safe senders list to ensure you receive all our correspondence.

We kindly ask that you do not contact TWI CL to ask for an update on your application, or email multiple people for an update. All these queries do is slow down the application process for you and everyone else, as team members who would be processing your application are held up responding to emails or answering phone calls. Please do not contact the office for an update on your application until after the turnaround time mentioned in our first email has passed, if we have received it, we will process it or be in touch directly with any problems.


Payment for your application can be made in several ways –Bank Transfer (BACs), cheque, credit card over the phone (or providing the details on your application form – only if it is posted to TWI CL, not emailed or faxed!).

If you are paying by BACs please include a copy of the transfer details, date, amount, reference, and the name on the account, so that our team can easily allocate your payment to your application. Many applications are held up because of lack of payment, when in truth, the account name on the BACs payment does not match the name of the person on the application form!

Also, if you have paid through one method, please do not pay through another one at a later date! It causes confusion as well as taking certification officers away from processing certificates in order to review the payments and refund the overpayment.


These dos and don’ts should make sure you avoid the pitfalls of your renewal or recertification and ensure that you experience the smoothest process possible!

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