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CSWIP Insight: Gabriela Roos

Thu, 07 March, 2024

We here at TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) think our team deserve to be represented, and with the amount of new people joining our team, we should get you up to date!

Gabriela Roos has worked within our Personnel Certification team at TWI CL for almost a year, and her role is integral to your certification process, as Gabi is one of our certification officers! She is heavily involved in processing CSWIP and BGAS-CSWIP certificates, from answering queries regarding your application, to organising international couriers to send certificates all over the world.

Gabi says her average day includes processing initial, renewal and recertification applications, and it leads her to one of her favourite parts of the role – helping candidates! To do this Gabi employs a number of strategies and personal skills, but the one she likes most is when she gets to speak to candidates in their mother tongue. Seamlessly transitioning from English to Portuguese, or from Spanish to French, Gabi’s language skills never cease to amaze her colleagues every day and actually accounts for some of her most memorable moments with TWI CL – learn more about that below! Always keen to learn (and continue to wow her colleagues) Gabi is now in the process of learning Russian!

As a lover of learning, Gabi is no stranger to a challenge and she embraces challenges at work with the same dedication she employs to her language learning. There are a lot of details that need to be remembered and certification requirements that must be adhered to when processing a certification application, all of which are important in ensuring a candidates compliance. Gabi’s response to this is to take copious notes, make checklists, consult with her colleagues, and ultimately, make use of her fantastic memory.

We always like to ask what piece of advice do you have for current or future certificate holders, and Gabi’s advice is really important. She recommends that certificate holders submit their documentation for their certification as early as possible. This enables candidates to continue working with no disruption to their certified status. And for Gabi, that certified status is the most important thing as it proves to industry that you are a highly competent professional who is able to adhere to industry standards.

What most of the team love about working at TWI CL is the fantastic people who make up the wider team, and Gabi is no different. Her most memorable moments with the team are when she gets to use her language skills to speak to our customers in their mother tongue and it causes a double-take by a colleague close by. While we are all aware of Gabi’s talents, hearing her switch between languages without a second thought is both amazing to witness and unexpected, so it is well deserving of an awed look or two!

Gabi doesn’t just live and breathe Personnel Certification, as previously mentioned she enjoys spending her time learning other languages, but she also likes martial arts! Particularly, capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art dance, so much so that she recently travelled to Brussels to take part in a capoeira event – Mestre Djop Barbosa and Escola de Capoeira’s 2023 Aruande!

More information about the do’s and don’ts of your renewal can be found on our website.

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